Kill Fear And Launch Out

If you are waiting for everything to be ready before you start, then you might wait forever (Shanie Salmon-Godfrey)

Many have gone to the grave with their dream of owning a business, running a company, writing a book, doing big and great things but did you know what happened? Their fear came like a thief in the night and stole all they had nursed in their heart for long.

Nothing gets done by thinking or wishing, waiting for the perfect time is a mirage because there is nothing like a perfect time, delay is dangerous!

Anytime you start is the perfect time, once you have the basic idea, qualification on what you want to do, kindly move on and start up. Most business lessons l know today were grabbed when l was doing the business not when l was thinking about it.

Today, l dare you to break free from fear and launch out, go and get your dream from that fear or you might live all your life regretting and watching someone else do what God has called you to do.

You are not too small to start anything, don’t allow wrong mindset to steal your dream away. See, you won’t understand the joy of living and fulfilling purpose until you really start fulfilling purpose.

I can tell you for free that there are a lot of things money can’t buy and one of them is FULFILLMENT. It only comes when you go out there and show the world your flavor and what stands you out.

In my Academy, Salmon Global Academy l teach intending entrepreneurs proven steps to take to scale in their business. I help you with the right mindset, tools, techniques and strategies to make you stand out.

This is my dream; this is what l was born to do. To help people shine their light for the whole world to see.

You are gifted, you are talented far beyond your imagination, just allow me guide you through on how you can be a champion even if you have never stepped out of your comfort zone before.

Quickly send me a DM, Comment, Message, email me, anyone that is convenient for you and let us start right away.

Time is ticking and you can’t afford to let fear steal your joy and dream.

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